Love for the beer

Molson Canadian was first produced in 1959., and today it is one of the most famous and best-selling brands in Canada. We are still passionate about making superior beer, and what motivates us most is the connection with our consumers.

Social responsibility as the core of our business

In addition to supporting cultural and sporting events in order to improve the lives of our communities, we encourage responsible enjoyment in our brands.

Top brands

We want to be the first choice for every occasion, so we offer a wide range of brands that can satisfy everyone's taste.

Beer is our passion, our heritage and our future

We have been producing beers for more than 260 years, and we bring innovations and excitement to drinkers around the world.

We are united in achieving a common goal - creating top brands of beer.

Recent News & Stories

"Ožujsko business case challenge" beat our expectations!

The “Ožujsko Business Case Challenge” Finals were held on 20 December at the Faculty of Economcis in Sarajevo in the organisation of the Centre for Career Development – CCD and Molson Coors BH Company, and in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo. 17 registered teams from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia fought in the grand finals

Business case challenge presented interesting ideas of young people!

The fifth "Jelen Business Case Challenge" was held on December 21, 2018 at the Faculty of Economics in Banja Luka organized by the Career Development Center and Molson Coors BH, in partnership with the Faculty of Economics at the University of Banja Luka and the Faculty of Economics at the University of East Sarajevo.